The Good Funeral Guide…

Charles Cowling, the founder of ‘The Good Funeral Guide’ was extremely helpful in putting me in touch with many different people who are from a wide spectrum of the industry of death. These are the contacts I have gathered so far and am in email contact with:

Liz Davis – Embalmer (Bristol)
John Lister – Founder of ‘Burial at Sea’ (Sidmouth)
Karen Partridge – Humanist funeral director (Bristol)
‘Bristol Funeral Directors’
David Albery – Traditional undertaker
Mary Tomes – Founder of ‘Colourful Coffins’ (Oxford)
Rev Collander – Bereavement minister (Oxford)
Dr Bill Webster – Grief counsellor (Oxford)
Paula Rainey Croft – Funeral director for personalised and alternative funerals (Bristol)
‘Bristol Memorial Woodlands’

And here is a list of all of the job roles that I want to include and I am in the process of finding local professionals who I could contact:

Bespoke coffins, headstone cutter, atheist funeral director, traditional undertaker, alternative funerals, woodland burial grounds, crematoriums, embalmer, burial at sea, hospices, last will and testament lawyer, bereavement counsellor, florist, eco friendly burials, ambulance driver, funeral photographer, grave digger.

After looking further into the website of The Good Funeral Guide I found that the organiation has yearly award ceremonies where people from different aspects of the industry are awarded with the title of “the best _ of the year”. I found this really unusual as I would never of expected this kind of award ceremony to exist, however it has given me more links to people I can contact for my project.


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